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Victoria (Heacock) Macpherson with her band, Crazy Jane
Victoria (Heacock) Macpherson with her band, Crazy Jane,
taken earlier this summer. (I'm the one up in the tree holding the wooden

Steve McMaster with wife, Kathy, and daughters Phyllis (8) and Lois (5).
Steve McMaster with wife, Kathy, and daughters Phyllis (8) and Lois (5)

Dale Ballou May
Dale Ballou May in San Diego, California

Ray Pulsifer and Minto
Ray Pulsifer and Minto, one of his sled dogs, in North Pole, Alaska

Dawn Ballou in Wyoming
Dawn Ballou & son Alan near Pinedale, Wyoming

Senior Motto:
Beginnings Never End

Class Flower:
White Carnation

Class Colors:

Our 1974 Graduation Program (click to enlarge)

South Albany High School


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Updated Wednesday, March 28, 2012:
Classmate Dale Ballou May passed away on December 10, 2011 in San Diego, California. Click here for her obituary: In Memory


August 7-8, 2004


No-Host Get Together
Saturday, August 7th,
starts at 6 PM

Map and directions to Bryant Park in Albany for the Sunday picnic. Pictures below are of the facilities at the park for those who have been away a long time and don't remember it. Click on pictures for a larger image. Picnic starts Sunday, August 8th, at 1 PM.

Updated Sunday, February 10, 2008:
We don't have any new news, just checking in to let you know we've touched this page. For information about classmates inbetween reunions, we suggest visiting and

2004 Update:

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Picnic Sunday, Aug 8, Bryant Park, 1 PM
We had an AWESOME turnout Saturday for the Ciddici's picnic party! We estimated at least 100 people werethere! People stayed until well after dark and the staff was cleaning up around us! Great seeing everyone again! Many thanks to Ray Pulsifer for being our great MC! Thank you to everyone who came, and to those who generously contributed Door Prizes! It was a lot of fun! Check the Photo Gallery for pictures from the Saturday get-together!.

Classmates are in town for the reunion! We heard from Jane (Geer) Bremer, Debi (Porter) Gravitt and Denise (Zolotoff) McGinty. We haven't had time to post bios yet, but will after the Sunday picnic.

Picnic Sunday starts at 1 PM at Bryant ark. Please note that the Sunday picnic is NOT potluck. Bring what you need for yourself and to feed the people you are bringing to the picnic. That means provide your own food, drinks, dishes and eating utensils. Our reunion budget isn't enough to cover food or place service, sorry! Your food should be prepared and ready-to-eat. There are BBQ grills at the park, but we won't be manning them. Anyone who is willing to tend a grill, and clean-up afterwards, is welcome to use it on their own!

Look who recently checked in. Scroll down for bios.
Jane (Geer) Bremer
Albany, Oregon
Debi (Porter) Gravitt
Gresham Oregon
Denise (Zolotoff) McGinty
Albany, Oregon
Sharon Swensen
(no further info)
Marty Fiegenbaum The Dalles, Oregon
Debi (Porter) Gravitt Gresham, Oregon
Scott Stanley Tualatin, Oregon
Debbie Hampton Warner Albany, Oregon

Steve McMaster Lake Oswego, Oregon
Victoria (Heacock) Macpherson Lake Oswego, Oregon
Lynette (Metz) Mattson Albany, Oregon
Betty (Smith) Bielenberg Aumsville, Oregon

Daniel Palmer Albany Oregon
Carol (Sweet) Borgmann Tulsa, Oklahoma

Scroll down for classmate biographies. Lynette sent her info in by fax, so we don't have a contact phone number or e-mail for her. She said to tell everyone "Hi!", but she won't be able to attend due to prior commitments for the weekend. Steve, Betty and Vickie will try to come to at least one of the reunion functions. Many thanks to Bruce Phillips for being our latest reunion sponsor! His ad will be ready soon! Sponsorship money and donations are very much appreciated to defray the costs of putting on our reunion. Bruce will be one of the ones golfing with Dave Harris on Saturday. Anyone else interested in Saturday golf, please contact Dave ASAP at 541-924-3660 (home).

We are still looking for many classmates including: Lori Bickers, Debbie Bidwell, Delores Brown, Teresa Brunson, Steve Covey, Sam Cox, Pam DeWilde, Steve Douglas, Ellen Evers, Jane Geer, Michael Gift, Lisa Halvardson, Connie Hansen, Kathy Kato, Greg Larson, Peter Lundberg, Drenda Lynn, Darice Magnuson, Rod Maier, Lisa McKinnis, Tia McKinnis, Linda Saxton, Karen Stanton, Doug Tucker, Debbie Valencia, Pam Vaughan, Delores Wilson, Lyle Wink, and lots of others! If you know where any of these classmates are today, please contact them and let them know about our reunion and ask them to check in, even if they can't attend.

What are people bringing for Door Prizes so far? Dale Ballou May is bringing a panda t-shirt from the San Diego zoo. Lance Leonard is bringing something called 'Real Networks', from a company in Seattle. He says it "allows one to download and burn a CD. It's a sampler, so it gives you access for 30 days and I believe the cost per song to download is 50 cents each.... It's pretty cool!" We're asking everyone who comes to Ciddici's Saturday night to bring a Door Prize, something nice under $10, (not a gag gift).

Please keep spreading the word that the reunion is Saturday AND Sunday to as many classmates as you know. There is golf on Saturday, the evening social at Ciddici's pizza place on Saturday, and the Sunday picnic at Bryant Park. All events are "No Host" - pay your own way. Bring your own blanket, food, drinks and beer to the Sunday picnic. We will have Door Prizes at Ciddici's-maybe something for Sunday picnic too if we get enough sponsorships to help fund more. Spouses, former teachers & staff, and students from behind or ahead of us in years are welcome to these reunion functions! Also, students we went to school with, but for some reason or another didn't make it all the way to graduation are very welcome! We want to see as many classmates as possible! West Albany High is also having their reunion that same weekend if anyone wants to catch up with any of those students too! More information on the West Albany High Class of '74 30th Reunion is on their website:

Update: Please tell us about yourself and your current life!
We would like to know where you live, what you do, kids & ages. If you would like others to contact you, please send along your e-mail, mailing address, and your web site address. We're looking for about a 50 word paragraph from each classmate to add to this page, and will update it as we get new information in. See our Sponsor page if you would like to help support our reunion efforts with a display ad for your business ($25). Send info to, (Dawn Ballou).

Where we are in 2004:
Dawn (Andrews) Cate Scio, Oregon Dawn is still married to Mike (29 years) with kids Jennifer (28), Jason (25) and one grandson Cody (3) with granddaughter Jessie due Sept 17. I'll be there!Dawn still raises Quarter horses and has added cattle to the animals. They have 4 dogs. Dawn is still working as claims secretary with an insurance company in Albany. Dawn will be at the reunion both days, for the Saturday evening Ciddici's get-together and the picnic on Sunday! Contact info: 37414 Robinson Dr, Scio, OR 97374, Phone: 503-394-2315, E-mail:
Marla (Andrews) Greer Hendersonville, Tennessee
Married to Jeff Greer for 6 years. Two children: Casie (28) and Lonnie (21). "Moved to Tennessee in 1999 after several years in Albany and then the Portland area. I work as an IT Specialist/Business Analyst for Metro Government of Nashville (and I don't even like Country Western Music). Nashville is an amazingly progressive and friendly place...who would have thought? Oregon will always be home tho and I miss it. I can't believe it is time for a 30 year reunion!!!! Yikes...where did the time go?" E-mail:
Robert (Bob) Atkins
Scottsdale, Arizona
Married to Laurie (Brydon) for 28 years. Two children: Jaime (21), Jenny (18). Schooling: BS in Electrical Engineering (Oregon State), MS in Sorry!electrical engineering and Juris Doctorate (Arizona State). Partner, Quarles & Brady (National Law Firm) practices nationally and internationally in the areas of patent prosecution, licensing and technology transactions, software and computer law. Hobbies: "Above keeps me busy; cigars, motorcycle, collecting guns I find the time." Laurie hopes to make it to the reunion, but Bob won't be able to make it. E-mail:, Phone: 602-699-4271.

Barbara (Baglien) Gordon Columbia City, Oregon Married to Mark since 1980. One son, Spencer (12). "We moved from Portland in 2001 out to Columbia City. Col City is a small (pop. 1800) town 31 miles north west of Portland along Hwy 30. I am no longer working. Mark has a I'll try!thriving practice out here, and Spencer is enjoying the life of a 12-year old. He is our only child. I volunteer a lot at school, Little League, church and of course, Mark's office. UofO, BBA in Marketing, 1978; retired from Columbia (mutual) Funds in 1994 as VP of shareholder services; one mutt, Sassy; work very part-time occasionally as a BOA for Edward Jones in St. Helens. I don't know if I'll make it down to Albany for the reunion. I would love to hear from other classmates too." 1630 Eighth St., Columbia City, OR 97018, Phone: 503-366-0801, E-mail:
Dale Ballou-May San Diego, California. Married to Ron for 20 years. No children. Dale is Vice President and co-founder of Legacy 106, Inc., partner with husband doing archaeology and historic preservation consulting in San Diego, California, for private individuals and government agencies.Together, their company has a professional staff with 35 years professional expertise in I'll be there!historic and prehistoric archaeology, historic research in southern California, and California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) project processing. Dale has over 20 years experience in historic research, graphics design and administrative work. Over the years she has served as Administrative Coordinator to the Department of History at San Diego State University, then worked for Emerald Press for Emerald Publications graphics company, and is now Vice President and principal researcher with Legacy 106, Inc. Twin sister Dawn info below. Note: Dale donated $25 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Dale!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
Dawn Ballou Albany, Oregon Divorced. Two children: Alan (20) and Steven (17). Moved back to Albany from Wyoming in June. Dawn lived in Wyoming for the past 13 years raising kids and working as an independent commercial graphic artist. She is now a partner in a web site design and hosting business called Wind River Web Services in Pinedale, Wyoming, about 80 miles I'll be there!south of Jackson Hole. She "telecommutes" to work each day to Wyoming from Albany. Dawn is editor for two tourism/visitor/news web sites, Pinedale Online in Wyoming, and in Libby, Montana. She designs and maintains web sites for numerous businesses in Wyoming and Montana, and does a variety of other commercial graphic design and desktop publishing. Hobbies/interests: Anything outdoors. E-mail: Dawn designed this reunion website and is the one to send your updated biographical info to! Call or fax your info to her at: 541-924-5729 (home). Twin sister Dale info above. Note: Dawn donated $50, and this website, towards our reunion expenses. (SAHS Reunion Sponsor) Twin sister Dale info above.
Debbie (Barber) Muscutt Lebanon, Oregon "Married to Gordon Muscutt for 12 years. Sorry!Works at US Bank in Lebanon as Branch Manager with 28 years of banking experience. Lived in Seattle for 3 years, back to Albany, then moved to Lebanon in 1991. We have 5 children between the two of us, Gordon Jr.(28), Kara (25), Jeff (24), Matthew (19), Kristina (17). Six grandchildren, Eli (6), Ean (2), Adrianne (19 mo), Alexanndra (7 mo), Evin (2 mo), Aaron (1 mo). Hobbies include RVing, antiquing, crafts, and gardening. Just heard about the reunion, so we won't be able to make it this year due to prior committments." Email address:
Laurie (Brydon) Atkins Scottsdale, Arizona Married to Bob Atkins for 28 years. Two children: Jaime (21), Jenny (18). Works as a surgical transcription specialist for Mayo Clinic. Hobbies: Lately, remodeling the house, reading, our weimaraner, and trying to keep track of the girls. Jaime just moved back home after attending college in Florida on a basketball scholarship I'll be there!for two years and is attending Arizona State. Jenn just graduated from high school and will be starting school at the local community college with an academic scholarship this fall. E-mail:, Phone: 602-699-4271. "I happen to be visiting my family in Albany that weekend so will hopefully see you there. Bob won't be able to make it."
Brian Connorton Lives in the "burbs" of Seattle, Washington Divorced. Two kids: son (21) and a daughter (18).I'll try! Brian does commercial refrigeration and has owned and operated a one-man shop there for about 20 years, doing installation and repairs on coolers and walk-in refrigeration units. "My goal was to retire at 47, but it may be a couple more years." He says he is doing very well and is healthy. "I'm really going to try and make it to the reunion." I'll be there!Brian doesn't do e-mail, but can be reached on his cell phone: 206-817-2757.
Clair Costello "As of right now, I will be there."
I'll be there!Marty Fiegenbaum The Dalles, Oregon "I've always been a sucker for last minute parties. I will be there Saturday for the social with my wife Lori, married 3 wonderful years and 12 with kids, Abby (12 years) and Rachel (9 years). I've been living in The Dalles for the past 16 years, currently working for a plumbing and heating contractor. I saw that Bruce Phillips was going to be there so I guess if he can make it back so can I. Looking forward to seeing who else shows up." E-mail:
I'll be there!Maleah (Finegan) Harris Crabtree, Oregon Married to Dave Harris for 2-1/2 years. Three kids (plus Dave's two) Jordan Nicole Penner (24), Chelsea Renee Penner (22), Zachary Tate Penner (21). Two of the five are still at home. Maleah works at the Office of Admissions at Oregon State University in Corvallis. Maleah and Dave are helping coordinate our reunion. 541-924-3660 (home),
Debbie (Gielish) Johnston Lyons, Oregon Married to Bob for 23 years. Two daughters Shanna (18), Kira (20) and one granddaughter Madison (10 months). Debbie works at North Santiam SD as a Computer Tech II. "I love what I do, but I can’t wait to retire. Besides working I'll be there!full time, Bob is volunteer fire chief which keeps us very busy. Most of our weekends are spent traveling in our RV or just camping at our private campground on the Santiam River. When we are home and I’m not on the computer, I’m busy scrap booking." Contact info: PO Box 125, Lyons Oregon ~ Email: "I would really love to see everyone. Note: Debbie saved a copy of our 1974 high school graduation program and scanned it for us for this website. She also donated $20 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Debbie!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
Dave Harris Crabtree, Oregon Married to Maleah (Finegan) Harris for 2-1/2 years. Two I'll be there!kids (plus Maleah's three): Zachary Kirven (24), and Chelsi (19). Two of the five still live at home. Dave works in Corvallis for a division of CH2M Hill doing abatement work. Dave enjoys playing golf as many Saturdays as he can and he has volunteered to be our golf coordinator if anyone wants to play golf Saturday afternoon. (Please call him soon to let him know. If enough people are interested, he'll get a tee time for the group.). Last year Dave was surprised to be told he needed immediate heart bypass surgery and underwent an operation that saved his life. 541-924-3660 (home)
I'll be there!Patty (Hart) Street Albany, Oregon Married. Investment Representative for Edward Jones. Patty's office is in downtown Albany across from the fire station. She is helping coordinate our 30th reunion. 541-928-7334 (work), Note: Patty donated $25 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Patty!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
I'll be there!Victoria (Heacock) Macpherson Lake Oswego, Oregon "I still have two children, Sean (28) and Rachel (24), and a red tabby cat named Riley who has run my life ever since we brought him home from the shelter. Six years ago, I married Greg Macpherson, a 1968 graduate of Albany Union High School, and we now live in Lake Oswego. I'm a part-time lawyer, a part-time musician (I sing and play various instruments with a Salem-based Celtic music band), and a part-time political spouse (Greg is a member of the Oregon legislature). I will try to make it to at least one of the events this weekend. I hope to see you this weekend! Victoria (Heacock) Macpherson, Miller Nash LLP, 111 S.W. Fifth Avenue, Suite 3400, Portland, Oregon 97204, Telephone: (503) 205-2363, E-mail:
I'll be there!George Hersom Crabtree, Oregon Married, no kids. George works at the Target Distribution Center in Albany. George doesn't do e-mail, but can be reached by phone at 541-928-3731. He says he'll be at the reunion.
I'll be there!Bruce Higgins Layton, Utah Married for 24 years. Four kids: (19), (17) , (14), (11). Bruce works at Hill Air Force Base in Utah as an aircraft mechanic. He works on the ground and flight lines on F-15s, F-16s, C5s, C14s, C136, A10 Warthogs. He will be in Albany from August 4-10th and will be at the reunion! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
Teresa King Corvallis, Oregon "I spent 18 years grooming dogs in the Albany/Salem area, then went on to work for the school district (yes, I worked at South for a year-'89). I currently work for Hewlett-Packard as an Information Developer for Worldwide Documentation. That's just a I'll try!fancy way of saying that I'm a technical writer. Family: I have two grown boys, Alex is 20 and Anthony is 23, and two small grandchildren, Autumn is 4 and Jordan is 1. They all live in the mid-west. I divorced in '92, I now have a significant other who is also a South Albany alumni (Bob Slowik). I still love the theater, but don't have time for it now. I'm an officer in the Albany Eagles Auxiliary, we do quite a bit of charity work (and we have fun, too). I'm also a student, attempting to complete my marketing degree. I'll try to make the reunion, I have other obligations for part of the weekend." E-mail:
Cathy (Konopa) Wyatt Brush Prairie, Washington Married to Rick Wyatt (class of '75) for 26 years. Two children: Britteny (22), Chris (20). Cathy is a Special Education Instructional Assistant and Middle School Track and Volleyball Coach. They are in the middle of building a I'll be there!new house on 2-1/2 acres. She is a hobby farmer and horseman and enjoys gardening, 4-H Club involvement, and working with community children activities. Children are grown, one gone, one home, but doing well and moving along with their lives. Rick works as a telecommunications network designer in Beaverton. "I will be there for the get-together and since we'd come that far it would be fun to have a picnic on Sunday. See you then!"

Lance Leonard Covington, Washington "I am currently married to my first wife, Michele, of 16 years. We have three children, Kyle (13), Breanna (9) and Natalie (6). I have been an I'll be there!Insurance Agent for 23 years and am currently employed with Farmers Insurance Group for 18 years. My office is located in Issaquah, Washington. I am Security Licensed with the NASD. My Broker/Dealer is Farmers Financial Solutions which helps to round out my practice. My other job is helping my wife market and grow her herbal skin care business. It is a 25-year old company based out of Singapore that has been introduced to the US two years ago. She is in charge of US Operations. Our website is Please check it out as the products are good for men and women, boys and girls. It would also help us greatly if you told all your friends." E-mail: (SAHS Reunion Sponsor) Note: Lance donated $100 (a sponsorship ad and extra $75) towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Lance!!
I'll be there!Diana (Lopez) Reid Bellingham, Washington "Yes! I will be attending this year. I am very excited to see everyone! It has been a very long time. I am currently living in Bellingham, WA with my companion, Hugh. We have 4 children between us and they are Jaime (28), Ben (25), Emily (24), Hughie (22). I also have 4 grandchildren and they are Alyssa (6 1/2), Ethan (6), Owen (3), Hayden (1). They are the love of my life! We have lived onboard our boat "Oriana", which means Golden Girl, for the past 2 years and we just love it! We both commute to Bellevue, WA for our jobs. I work as a Personal Banker and Hugh is a Sr. Accountant with PSE. We spend most of our spare time sailing and working on the boat getting her ready for our "Dream Journey" which is to go cruising for the next 10 years. Our plan in to leave in the summer of 2006...we will be vested with our companies so when we return we will not have to work for Wal-Mart as greeters! Please, I would love to hear from any classmates." Phone: 360-303-6703. E-mail:
I'll be there!Kristy (Luther) Nofziger Tangent, Oregon Married to Steve 28 years. Three boys: Jeremy (27), David (26) and Nathan (24). "Three grandchildren and one more on the way!"

Marsha (Magarrell) Lincoln Corvallis, Oregon Married to Mark. Three girls: Chelsea (20),I'll be there! Danae (16) and Katey (14). Works for the Corvallis School District teaching Math and Home Ec to 6th-8th graders at Cheldelin Middle School. Lived in Arizona for awhile, then moved back to Oregon to be closer to family. Marsha said she will be at the Ciddici's get-together. E-mail:
I'll try!Steve McMaster Lake Oswego, Oregon "We are a family of 6. Me, my wife Kathy (married for 11 years), our daughters Phyllis (8) and Lois (5), and our dogs Sheba (~12) and Tillie (~11). We live on the edge of Lake Oswego, Oregon. Since we are still in "the younger years" much of our "free time" currently revolves around our kids and all of their activities. On the work front I've been with Synopsys (software company with facilities in Hillsboro) for about 8 years. I'm currently a developer writing software used in the development of hardware. We all enjoy the outdoors (hiking, skiing, biking, swimming, playing in the ocean, etc.), but we are also all avid readers (well, Lois is probably more of a listener...). The dogs are more into frisbees, but are perfectly willing to chase a stick or a tennis ball if its all that is available. Saturday is pretty unlikely, but I'm going to try and make it (i.e., with one of the girls -- my wife and our other daughter have a previous engagement) to the picnic on Sunday. Hope to see everyone there." 1431 SW Englewood, Lake Oswego, OR 97034, (503)244-3585, e-mail:
I'll be there!Diana (Messer) Nunn Huntington Beach, California "I am single... in Huntington Beach, California. I finished my bachelor's degree at the University of Washington and work for a company called Laserscope. Still have my home up in Gig Harbor, Washington. My older son, Paul, age 23 lives in Gig Harbor. My younger son, Philip, age 21 lives in Federal Way, Washington. I moved to S. CA this past year, February 2003. I visit my home in Gig Harbor as often as possible. My family still lives in the Albany/Lebanon area. Yes, I will be at the reunion." E-mail: Note: Diana donated $100 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Diana!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
Sorry!Lynette (Metz) Mattson Albany, Oregon "I was previously a licensed hairdresser. Married to Robert, a Ceramic Materials Engineer. Robert previously spent 14 years in the Navy as a chief mechanic on a nuclear submarine. One daughter, Jennifer (24) and 2 grandchildren, Jacob and Jessica, and a third one on the way, Jill! Robert and I make frequent visits to the coast and enjoy walking along the beach. We also enjoy spending time with the grandbabies. "Hi" to everyone! I will not e able to attend due to prior vacation plans out of state." No phone or e-mail listed.
I'll try!Melinda Murray North Bend, Oregon (on the coast next to Coos Bay) Not married. "I've been here since 1980. Fell in love with the area. I graduated from Western Oregon State and taught Elementary Music for 20 years. Retired on a disability retirement in 2000 due to problems with my Lupus Nephritis. I often wonder about our class. I remember some things but haven't been back to a reunion since the 10 year one." Melinda breeds and shows Himalayan Persian cats, Phone number: 541-756-5072, E-mail:
I'll be there!David Nice White Salmon, Washington (across the Columbia from Hood River) Married to Connie for 27 years. Two kids: Son - Aaron (19), Daughter - Rachel (15). "I manage a hospital based ambulance service in White Salmon. Connie manages the Hood River County Museum. I enjoy woodworking, gardening, and still pretend to be a "mountain man" every chance I get. I do plan to attend the reunion, although something on Sunday would work better for me." E-mail: Note: David donated $50 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks David!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
I'll be there!Steve Nofziger Tangent, Oregon Married to Kristy (Luther) for 28 years. Three boys: Jeremy (27), David (26) and Nathan (24). Works for Fisher Implement. Three grandchildren and one more on the way!
Sorry!Laura Nydigger Newman, California "It is a bit late for me to make plans to travel to Oregon. My address for future events is: 1200 Cattail Ct, Newman, CA 94360. Sorry I will miss this years event. I haven't seen anyone since our 10 year reunion. I'm a university counselor and this is our very busiest months and I am moving in August to a new home. Just not good timing for me. I would love to hear from folks." E-mail:
I'll try!Daniel Palmer Albany Oregon Daniel still works as a heavy equipment mechanic and owns property out in Millersberg. "I will try to make it to one of the events." No phone or e-mail.
Bruce Phillips Springfield, Oregon "Married to Margaret for 7 years as of the 1st of August. I have one daughter from a previous marriage, Nicol (23) and one granddaughter, Kiersten (4). I I'll be there!also have one stepdaughter, Stephanie (23) all living in Springfield. Have worked in the Construction trade since 1975 and currently have my own business as a Safety Consultant for construction. Moved to Wyoming back in 1975 and worked in the oil fields until I realized that Oregon was where I belonged so I moved back in 1978. Have lived in the valley ever since settling in the Eugene/Springfield area in 1980. Big "Duck Fan", sorry everyone goes with the territory. How many of you had a Black & Orange bedroom in high school? Enjoy any kind of sports, playing or attending, travel, Family, and anything outdoors. Haven't been able to attend prior reunions, looking forward to seeing everyone. Don't know if we will be able to attend on Saturday because of a prior engagement, but will be at the picnic for sure." Bruce will be playing golf on Saturday with Dave Harris. E-mail: Note: Bruce donated $25 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Bruce!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
Dale Pool Anaheim, California "I currently work for Boeing and have been with them for almost 15 years. I am still in the electronics field working on and maintaining Flight Simulators. That's what I was doing in '84 when we had our 10-year anniversary. I was with the Air Force as a Civil Service person. I am currently married with two great stepsons, Stephen (28) and Gary (24) and a 2-year old grandson Logan . I am living now in Anaheim, California (6 miles from Sorry!Disneyland.... wooo hooo) I am looking to move back to the Seattle area soon hopefully. My family is still in and around the Albany area, but I seem to be a nomad. Looks like I will be missing this reunion also. I never heard about the 20-year reunion and I was out of the country (in the Philippines) for our 10-year reunion. I just got the word on this and with it being in less then two weeks away there is no chance of planning on being able to be there. Hope everyone has a great time and pass along that I wish I was able to see everyone. Adding a semi current picture so those that are interested can see how this old guy has changed.... Have Fun All!!! Dale W. Pool" If anyone would like to email me, my addy is:
Debi (Porter) Gravitt Gresham, Oregon "Lived in Bend and loved it, moved to southern California (Hemet) and lived there for 18 years and then moved to Lincoln City for a year and loved it, and now live in Gresham to be close to family. Have been married to Jim Gravitt for 16 years, have a 14-year old daughter (aaaugh!!!), and am SO glad to be back in Oregon! . I think I can come on Sunday. Am looking forward to seeing classmates." Address: 2525 SW Sandlewood Ave, Gresham OR 97080; Phone: 503.492.4010, E-mail:
Ray Pulsifer North Pole, Alaska Divorced. Three kids: Kassandra (16), Raymond III (13) and I'll be there!Jakob (11). Retired Major from the US Air Force.
Contact info: 2694 Deepwoods Dr, North Pole, AK 99705-6603, 907-488-3535, Ray currently works for Key Bank in North Pole, Alaska. He says, yes, Santa exists and is a close personal friend. Ray has a large house on 2.5 acres, including part forest. One of his hobbies is amateur sled dog racing, including recreational mushing spring distances 4-dog class. He is active in several sled dog race organizations in Alaska and sled dog racing is a family activity with his children now taking part. Ray also scuba dives when he can, hunts, fishes, camps, goes 4-wheeling, and is active in church activities. He flies for a missionary group called LAMPS (Lutheran Association of Missionary Pilots), is on the North Pole Chamber of Commerce, and is past Commander of Post 10029 of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Ray is divorced, has 3 kids, 14 dogs, 4 cats, fish and a turtle. Note: Ray donated $75 towards our reunion expenses. Thanks Ray!! (SAHS Reunion Sponsor)
I'll be there!Betty (Smith) Bielenberg Aumsville, Oregon "Still living on a dairy farm in Aumsville, we milk 250 Holsteins. Married to Tim for 28 years. 4 children: Jeanie (27), Mike (26), Ben (25),Cecilia (24). One grandaughter Maggie (1) another grandchild on the way. I do all our bookkeeping, feed calves and other odd jobs. Have run a small produce stand on our farm for 15 years selling strawberries and sweet corn. I will try to make it to the reunion on Saturday night, probably won't make it Sunday." E-mail:
I'll be there!Sue (Ravert) Smith Albany, Oregon Sue didn't actually graduate with our class, but she was a part of it for years up until she had her daughter while still in high school. She lives in Albany and works in Salem as a CNA. She very much wants to see classmates and catch up on the years, and she'll be at the reunion! Sue doesn't do e-mail, but she can be reached by phone at 541-928-0594.
I'll be there!Bobby Reynolds Albany, Oregon "Still living in Albany. I plan to be there." E-mail:
I'll be there!Kent Severance Jefferson, Oregon "I am married to Melody (Jellison) Severance for 8+ years. I have two grown children from my first marriage, Dorothy (29) and Tim (27). Melody and I have a 5-year old son, Daniel, and we live in Jefferson, OR. Since we live so close, it would be a shame not to come and reminisce a bit about our history. I have not attended any of the previous reunions. Hope to see many there." E-mail:
I'll try!Scott Stanley Tualatin, Oregon Married 14 years to Peggy (also a 74 graduate of Oakland, Oregon). No children, but spending would be tuition on vacations. Employed 14 years in Sales with Reser's Fine Foods in Beaverton, Oregon. Life's greatest enjoyments are Peggy, family, friends, travel and golf. Most influential teachers in my life at South; Jim Costello and Terry Leininger (pictured together in our sophomore annual pg.15. I would really like to attend but I have a few commitments I have to keep. Although I would love to golf with Dave on Saturday I will not be able to make that. I will try to make it Saturday or Sunday and if I am a good juggler maybe both. Looking forward to seeing everyone sometime this weekend."" E-mail:
I'll be there!Cindy (Sumpter) Hurst Albany, Oregon Married. "I still live in Albany, although I did live in Anchorage, Alaska for 8 years in the 80's. I will be having my second anniversary this month with my husband Ron. I had no children of my own, but have inherited a step-daughter Kendall who is now 15. Wow is that tough! I work at First American Title as an Escrow Officer. I also teach Weight Watchers on the side. I will be there." Cindy will be at the reunion. Phone: 541-926-8808, e-mail:
Sorry!Carol (Sweet) Borgmann Tulsa, Oklahoma "Moved to Tulsa, Oklahoma in June 1995. Divorced. Work for myself as a contract labor for administrative duties and have ran a wholesale distributor business of general merchandise for 8 years. Last class reunion I attended was the '5 year' and would have been nice to see you all again. Have fun! I won't be able to make the trip-too short of notice for me. Maybe next year." E-mail: pacificiaa@yahoo.comI'll be there!
Sharon Swensen "I'll be there Saturday night. See you then." E-mail:
I'll be there!Debbie Hampton Warner Albany, Oregon Debbie lives in Albany. Divorced. 5 kids (3 boys and 2 girls)-all grown and out on their own, and 5 grandkids. She currently is enjoying her kids, grandkids, the people in her life, and not working. She will be able to make it to the pizza get-together at Ciddici's on Saturday for awhile. Phone: 541-928-5052. No e-mail.
I'll be there!Terry (Warren) Whitton Hemet, California Married to Tim for 26 years. One daughter, Libby (19) and one grandson, Jesse (2). Terry has lived in Hemet, California, for 12 years. She now teaches 7th grade Language Arts at Santa Fe Middle School in Hemet. She has been teaching for 7 years. Education: AA in Interior Design, Brooks College; BA Human Development, Azusa Pacific University; and MA Education, Azusa Pacific University. Hobbies: reading, traveling, my grandson. "I'm not sure if I can attend at such a late notice, but I'll try to put something together! I'd love to see my old classmates." E-mail: (Terry provided an update on Belgium foreign exchange student Guy Van Laethem who passed away several years after our graduation. See the In Memory page.)
I'll try!Kathy Williams Caldwell, Idaho "I live in Idaho. I have been divorced for many years. I work as Office Manager for Big Brothers Big Sisters. I have two children. My daughter is Jennifer. She is 27 years old. My son is Tim. He is 23 years old. My daughter has four boys and my son just had his first son last Wednesday. My home phone number is (208) 453-4972. My address is: 3904 E. Ustick Road #301; Caldwell, ID 83607. My email is I will try to make the reunion. Would love to hear from you."

Where we were in 1994 (from the Memory Book):
Cathy (Hisgen) Adair: Page, Arizona. Married to Rodney A. Adair for 12 years. Three children: L. Monroe Adair Davis (20), Jacob Adair 917), Tony Adair (14). Works as a part time pharmacist technician and office help in a state office. Hobbies/Interests: Camping, crocheting, people, (my husband would say moving).
Kathi (Ramer) Anderson: Albany, Oregon. Married to Randy. Five children: Ryan (18), Kaitlin (9), Reid (7), Kelsey (7), Brennan (4). Works for Greater Albany Public Schools. Hobbies/interests: Gardening, antiques, softball, my kids, sports.
Bob Atkins: Scottsdale, Arizona. Married to Laurie Brydon for 18 years. Two children: Jaime (11) and Jenny (8). Works as a corporate patent attorney for Motorola, Inc. Schooling: BS in Electrical Engineering, MS in electrical engineering, Juris Doctorate. Hobbies/interests:: Tennis, scuba diving, boating, private pilot, coaching.
Laurie (Brydon) Atkins: Scottsdale, Arizona. Married to Bob Atkins for 18 years. Two children: Jaime (11) and Jenny (8). Works as a medical transcriptionist and Mom. Hobbies/interests: Roller blading, boating and waterskiing.
Betty (Smith) Bielenberg: Albany, Oregon. Married to Tim for 18 years.Four children: Jeanene(17), Mike (16), Ben (15) and Cecilia (14). Works on a dairy/strawberry farm. Hobbies/interests: C
rocheting, going to kid's games, 4-H leader.
Linda Saxton Brown: Eugene, Oregon. Married to Karl for 17 years. Two children: Jeffrey (15) and Sarah (13). Works as a registered nurse at Sacred Heart Hospital. Education: Associate degree in nursing. Hobbies/interests: Cooking, working out, and my family.
Trina (Lute) Buhl: Albany, Oregon. Married to Bill for 13 years. Three children: Alishia (13), Amber (11) and Ashley (10). Works at Smokecraft.
Cecile Calder: Aloha, Oregon. One child: Meghan (8).
Dawn (Andrews) Cate: Scio, Oregon. Married to Mike for 19 years. Two children: Jennifer (18) and Jason (15). Works as a claims secretary. Hobbies/interests: Breeding and showing quarter and buckskin horses, camping, trail riding.
David B. Coats: Albany, Oregon. Married to Lorna for 8 years. Two children: Jere (15) and Nic (13). Works as a mill worker. Education: college. Hobies/interests: Yard work, wood working, camping, hiking, golfing.
Laurie J. (Dekuyper) Cook: Albany, Oregon. Divorced. One child: John (17 years). Works as branch secretary for First Interstate Bank. Education: L.B.C.C. Hobbies/interests: Horseback riding, bike riding, walking, jogging, making dried floral arrangements.
Patricia (Pat) Correia: Albany, Oregon. Married to Ray for 20 years. One child: Ken (19). Works as an administrative assistant for the Albany Chamber of Commerce. Education. L.B.C.C. Hobbies/interests: Reading, shopping soft tip darts.
Clair B. Costello: Boardman, Oregon. Married to Cheryl for 9 years. Two children: Carly (6) and Caitlin (4). Works as a PE teacher. Coach for football, basketball and baseball. Hobbies/interests: Fishing, sports, summer league softball.
Chet Davis: Oregon City, Oregon. Married to Tracey for 14 years. Two children: Amy (10) and Anna (8). Works as an electrical engineer. Education: Oregon State University. Hobbies/interests: Water skiing, target shooting.
Rose M. (McVicker) Degarmo: Lebanon, Oregon. Married to Ricky D. Degarmo for 10 years. Three children: John R. Lill (21), Melissia McVicker (17), Shannon Degarmo (10). Works as a cake decorator. Hobbies/interests: Soft tip darts (leagues).
Joy (Peterson) Douglas: Albany, Oregon. Married to Steve Douglas. Two children: Jeff (11) and Jamie (8). Works at Albany General Hospital. Hobies/interests: Coaching, watching baseball.
Steve Douglas: Albany, Oregon. Married to Joy Peterson. Two children: Jeff (11) and Jamie (8). Works at Wah Chang. Education: LBCC and U of O. Hobbies/interests: Baseball, golfing and coaching.
Art Farrow: Albany, Oregon. Married to Rhonda Privratsky for 12 years. Children: Todd (15) and Brandi (11). Works at Teledyne Wah Chang. Hobbies/interests: Golfing, camping.
Rhonda (Privratsky) Farrow: Albany, Oregon. Married to Art Farrow for 12 years. Children: Todd (15) and Brandi (11). Works as a housewife. Hobbies/interests: Camping, bike riding, crafts.
Cheryl Fortune: Lebanon, Oregon. Married to Don for 20 years. Two children: Brian (18) and Jessica (15). Works in the fabric department at Wal-Mart. Teaches tole and decorative painting. Education: Art seminars, keyboarding, basic horse training. Hobbies/interests: Tole & decorative painting, making crafts, working in the flower garden.
Becki (King) Gray: Fairbanks, Alaska. Education: University of Alaska, BBA emphasis marketing. Hobbies/interests: Travel, scuba difing, softball, karate, skiing, gardening, fishing, and just about anything.
Norman D. Haight: Scottsdale, Arizona. Married to Sharon for 15 years. One child: Mikki (5). Works as a customer engineer. Education: BS and BA. Hobbies/interests: Woodworking, darts, airplane models, guitars.
Byron Hansen: Palos Verdes Estates, California. Married to Laurie for 14 years. Two children: Kelly (8) and Kristen (6). Works as a football trainer at the University of Southern California. Hobbies/interests: Skiing, tennis, running.
Connie (Anderson) Harpole: Albany, Oregon. Married to Bruce Harpole for 15 years. Self employed, Oregon Fishing Club. Hobbies/interests: My children and family. I enjoy working as a volunteer at school and through the Albany Boys and Girls Club. Member of the Site Based School Council for Oak Elementary School. On the Board of Directors for the Albany Boys and Girls Club. Works with husband Bruce coaching daughters in baseball and basketball.
George L. Hersom: Crabtree, Oregon. Married to Esther R. Pouliot for 5 years. No children. Works as a delivery driver and Jack of All Trades at lumber yard. Hobbies/interests: Hunting, fishing, enjoy the outdoors and the company of good friends.
Bruce Wayne Higgins: Layton, Utah. Married to Renee Rachel for 13 years. Four children: Cody (9), Chelsey (7), Kylee (4) and Haley (2). Works as an EMT in the emergency room of Lakeview Hospital. Education: LBCC. Hobbies/interests: Lots of golf, my kids are the biggest love along with my wife.
Karen (Williams) Hill: Corvallis, Oregon. Married to Mickey for 16 years. One child: Jared (9). Works as an administrative assistant/office supervisor. Hobbies/interests: Camping, fishing, rafting, gardening.
Cynthia (Broughton) Humphrey: Albany, Oregon. Married to Loren for 14 years. Two children: Aaron (11) and David (8). Hobbies/interests: Backpacking, skiing, church, archery, home schooling their two boys.
Kathy Isom: Albany, Oregon. Works at Albertson's (bottle count). Hobbies/interests: Latch hok, crossword puzzles, knitting, cross stitching, reading.
Heather (Palmer) Johnson: Baker City, Oregon. Married to Mark Johnson for 12 years. Three children: Lexie (9), Kyle (7) and Grant (5). Works as a daycare owner/director. Education: BS Health Education/ Sports Medicine, Elementary Education Endorsement. Hobbies/interests: Middle School track coach, softball coach and player, gardening, decorating her home.
Debbie (Gielish) Johnston: Lyons, Oregon. Married to Bob for 13 years. Two children: Kira (10) and Shanna (8). Works as a Teaching Assistant, part-time sub, registered agent for Lyons Rural Fire District. Hobbies/interests: Camping, biking, sewing, quilting, working with computers.
Virginia Jordan: Albany, Oregon. Single. No children. Works as an Assistant to the Director of the Albany Senior Canter and for the City of Albany Parks and Recreation Department. Education: LBCC. Hobbies/interests: Work, family and friends.
Lance T. Leonard: Kent, Washington. Married to Michele for 6 years. Two children: Kyle (3) and ?? (due in one month). Works for an insurance agency. Owner Farmers Insurance Group. Education: BA in Parks and Recreation from Washington State University. 3-year course degree in Life Underwriting Training. Hobbies/interests: Traveling, snow and water skiing, camping, gardening.
Kelly Luther: Albany, Oregon. Married to Vicky for 16 years. Two children: Kevin (20) and Stacey (15). Works as an arc furnace operator for Teledyne Wah Chang. Hobbies/interests: Camping, riding ATVs, golf.
Doug Lyon: Albany, Oregon. Married to Gail.
Diane (Staker) McGill: Albany, Oregon. Four children: Jesse (13), Kim (11), Amanda (10) and Brean (5). Works as a bookkeeper. Education: AGS LBCC. Hobbies/interests: Arts & Crafts, camping, hiking, sewing.
Steve McMaster: Oregon City, Oregon. Married to Kathy Brock for 1 year. No children. Works as a manager for software development and mentor graphics. Education: BA Math from Reed College. MS in Computer and Info Science from University of Oregon. Hobbies/interests: Soccer, running, hiking, skiing, kyaking.
Debra Marsh: Salem, Oregon.
Tom Moore: Western Australia, Australia. Has lived in Perth Australia for the past 10 years. Getting married this summer. Works as a psychologist. Education: BA from Willamette University, Masters in Psychology from Oregon State University. Hobbies/interests: Traveling, sports, reading.
Debbie (Barber) Muscutt: Lebanon, Oregon. Married to Gordon Muscutt for 2 years. Four children: Gordon Jr. (19), Kara (15), Matthew (9) and Kristina (7). Works as a Banker. Education: LBCC. Hobies/interests: Gardening, sewing, crafts.
David Nice: Tillamook, Oregon. Married to Connie. Two children: Aaron (9) and Rachel (5). Works as a Paramedic Field Supervisor. Hobbies/interests: Buck skinning muzzle loading, horses.
Kevin Nofziger: Albany, Oregon. Married to Kelley for 1 year. Five children: Ages 16, 14, 11, 10, 8. Works as a UPS Driver. Hobbies/interests: Skiing, hunting, fishing, weight training.
Kristy (Luther) Nofziger: Tangent, Oregon. Married to Steve Nofziger for 18 years. Three children: Jeremy (17), David (15) and Nathan (13). Works as an Administrative Secretary Hobbies/interests: Camping, motor cycling.
Steve Nofziger: Tangent, Oregon. Married to Kristy Luther for 18 years. Three children: Jeremy (17), David (15) and Nathan (13). Works as a technician. Education: Night classes. Hobbies/interests: Camping, motor cycling.
Darice (Magnuson) Oliver: Carson, Washington. Married to Neil for 10 years. Two children: Nathan (8) and Michelle (6). Works as an RN and homemaker. Education: Oregon State University, Montana State University, Caroll College in Helena Montana. Hobbies/interests: Crocheting, cross stitching, reading, square dancing, gardening, helping in kid's classes.
Judy (Johnson) Pace: Albany, Oregon. Married to Les for 15 years. One child: Matt (14). Works as Office Manager/Sales/Buyer for Bill's Flower Tree in Albany. Education: Classes at LBCC. Hobbies/interests: Golf, gardening, biking, reading, walking, travel, kid's activities.
Daniel T. Palmer: Albany, Oregon. Married to Paula for 16 years. Two children: Nathan (11) and Elaine (8). Works as a diesel mechanic. Education: Associate Degree in Diesel. Hobbies/interests: Fishing, fly tying, boating, hiking, camping.
Raymond L. Pulsifer II: North Pole, Alaska. Married to Terri. Three children: Kassandra/Kassie (6), Raymond III (3) and Jakob (1). Major in the US Air Force as a "fighter jock". Education: Bachelors in Business Administratin from Pacific Lutheran University in Tacoma Wahington, MS in Business Management from University LaVerne. Hobbies/interests: Scuba, sports, flying, fishing, hunting, wilderness exploring.
Loren Roth: Albany, Oregon. Divorced. Two children: Nathan (12)) and Jackie (6). Works as a Bank Credit Officer. Hobbies/interests: Running, camping, hunting, golf.
Victoria (Heacock) Rudometkin: Salem, Oregon. Two children: Sean (18) and Rachel (14). Works as a Lawyer for Miller, Nash Law firm. Education: BA from Oregon State University. J.D. from Willamette University College of Law. Hobbies/interests: Playing wooden flute and bouzouki in Irish music group, vintage hats, hiking, bird watching.
Pamela J. (DeWilde) Ryals: Portland, Oregon. Married to William G. Ryals for 10 years. No children. Works as an Assistant Winemaker at Adams Vineyard Winery. Education: BA in fine Arts and French from University of Oregon. Hobbies/interests: Cooking, sewing, hiking, cross-country skiing, mountain biking, painting, gardening.
Lisa (McKinnis) Schott: Redlands, California. Married to Tom for 8 years. Works as a commercial printing estimator.
Shawn Edwards Soto: Prineville, Oregon. Married to Anthony for 15 years. Two children: Brandon (12) and Dustin (11). Works as a Business Teacher at Crook County High School. Education: Masters degree in Education. Hobbies/interests: Camping, animals, my job.
Scott Stanley: Tualatin, Oregon. Married to Peggy for 4 years. No children. Works in Sales. Education: Western Oregon State College (Oregon College of Education). Hobbies/interests: Travel, sports, home and garden care, biking, skiing.
Donna (Downer) Steckley: Albany, Oregon. Single. One child: Ashley (9). Works as an X-Ray and Orthopedic Technician. Education: AGH School of Radiology. Hobbies/interests: Softball, playing and coaching, just having fun.
Kenneth Steinbock: Washougal, Washington. Married to Amy for 15 years. Three children: Curt (17), Alicia (11) and Bryan (4). Works as an Operations Supervisor: Education: Continuing. Hobbies/interests: Hiking, camping, gardening.
Patty (Hart) Street: Albany, Oregon. Married to Dan for 17 years. Three children: Meghann (15), Lindsay (12) and Cole (10). Works as a Sales Administrator for IMI Titanium. Education: 2 years LBCC. Hobbies/interests: Golf, gardening, family, Soroptimist of Albany Club.
Dawn (Ballou) Svalberg: Pinedale, Wyoming. Married to Terry for 11 years. Two children: Alan (10) and Steven (7). Works as a self-employed graphic artist and homemaker. Education: BS degree in Soil Science from Oregon State University. Hobbies/interests: Graphic artwork, window painting, computers, hiking, camping, biking, kid's activities.

Deborah (Bidwell) Toma: Salem, Oregon. Divorced. Three children: Gary (19), Malissa (18) and Brian (15). Works as a Dental Assistant at Kaiser Permanente. Education: LBCC Dental Program. Hobbies/interests: Walking, dancing.
Peggy (Reiger) Wilfong: Albany, Oregon. Married to Robert for 1 year. Children: Stephanie (3 months). Works as a Registered urse. Education: Good Samaritan School of Nursing. Hobbies/interests: Family, camping, snow and water skiing, friends.
Cathy (Konopa) Wyatt: Brush Prairie, Washington. Married to Rick for 16 years. Two children: Britteny (12) and Chris (10). Works as a Teacher's Aide. Hobbies/interests: 4-H Club, Sunday School teacher, animals, gardening, outdoors, kid's activities.

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